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Data Collection

Collect real Audio, Video, Image and Text data from local markets with 750K+ global certificated professional and crowd resources

Data Annotation

Audio and video Transcription, OCR Annotation, Text Annotation, Image Clarification, Machine Translation Judging, Point Cloud Annotation and Data Labeling through our cutting-edge crowdsourcing platform OneForma

Data Engineering

Provide customized, agile and best-in-class solutions based on your Data Processing, PII Redaction and Platform Customization needs


Audio, Image, Video, Text

English Live Meeting Video

3-4 non-native speakers had English face to face meeting and recorded by computer camera with resolution of 1920X1080 at 24-30 fps.

Live Meeting Video

Speakers from more than 20 countries

OCR Images

Millions of Images in 33 countries and markets taken by smartphone or DC to train OCR AI engine. Resolution > 768*1024.

OCR Image

33 languages in categories such as menu, document, poster, document, invoice, receipt, business card, book cover, etc.

Korean Phone Call Audio Data

72 hours Korean Phone Call, single speaker per channel

Korean Phone Call Audio

Real phone call data in Korean

Call Center EN-US Audio

Audio data from one call center serving the financial services. The data encompass a diverse range of intents and topics being addressed. Domain: Finance, Banking,Hospitality, ITHelpdesk and etc.

Call Center Audio

US English call center audio data in domains such as finance, banking, hospitality and IT

Image of Dot-composed Alphanumeric Characters

Dot-composed alphanumeric characters from advertisements, information or warning signs,instrument panel,container surface,house number,parking lot, traffic sign,designed gaps from transportation

Dot-composed Alphanumeric Characters

Dot-composed alphanumeric characters images for OCR-engine training

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